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The Life We Bury

life we bury

The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens ranks high on my list of best thrillers of all time and is Eskins’ first mystery. If The Life We Bury is any indicator, we have a lot of great reading ahead. This book has everything you could possibly want: characters who draw you into their lives; intriguing setting, interesting premise, great dialogue, and bone-chilling action. The story revolves around college student Joe who lives alone, works as a bouncer, and likes a girl named Lila, living down the hall from his apartment. His mother is an alcoholic who cannot deal with the fact that she has an 18 year old autistic son, Jeremy, and often neglects him to the point that Joe sometimes must step in to protect his brother.

Joe’s been assigned to write a biography of an elderly person for an English class and selects Carl, an aged ex-prisoner dying of cancer in a nursing home. When Joe discovers that Carl may have been falsely accused and imprisoned thirty years previously, he sets out to prove the man’s innocence before Carl dies. Joe is smart, quick-thinking, and so kind to his brother Jeremy and Miss Lila-down-the-hall that you want to see him succeed in his mission. When Jeremy is beaten, Lila captured, and he himself is nearly killed, all Joe’s talents move into full throttle as he tries to save them and himself, while still trying to prove Carl’s innocence.

I give this book 5 Daisies for a totally un-put-down-able mystery that kept me reading until the last breathtaking moment.

Reviewed by: Leigh leigh 2

Rating:5 daisies

The Life We Bury: A Novel
Allen Eskens
Audio version read by Zach Villa
Tags: mystery, thriller, Minnesota, Minnesota State University, student, nursing homes, murder, rape, kidnapping, fires, Vietnam, winter, authors-first-novel, male-pop, stand-alone-novel, listened-to-audiobook, reviewed-on-amazon, reviewed-on-barnesandnoble, literary-fiction; thriller, contemporary-fiction, suspense, audiobook, 2015-new-releases, crime-thriller, literary-thriller, , autism,; adult-fiction, adult-mystery, adult-thriller; ibook-and-kindle, new-authors
ISBN: 978-1-4945-1388-7

About the Author: Allen Eskens, grew up in the wooded hills of Missouri and, after high school, migrated north to pursue his education. A criminal defense attorney for twenty years, Eskens honed his creative writing skills in the MFA program at Minnesota State University. He is a member of Twin Cities Sisters in Crime, and lives in Minnesota.
About the Reader: Zach Villa, a bicoastal stage, film, and television performer and classically trained in acting at Interlochen Arts Academy and the Julliard School, Zach’s audiobook work includes multiple fantasy series. When not voicing a goblin or a knight, Zach writes and records music.
Audio book: tantor. com.


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