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The True Tails of Baker and Taylor


The True Tails of Baker and Taylor
The Library Cats Who Left Their Pawprints on a Small Town…and the World

Jan Louch with Lisa Rogak
Thomas Dunne Books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press, 2016

We love books about cats and this is book is no exception. Baker and Taylor are two Scottish Fold cats who were welcomed into the loving arms of the County Public Library in Minden, Nevada. The author, Jan Louch, was their primary caregiver but they were well loved by the many people they met and by many more thousands they never met.

Their story starts with a new library building that was built next to a “highway for field mice” and the librarian and Jan thought of bringing in a cat to help keep the mice away from the precious books. They chose a Scottish Fold whose name was McLean’s Clint Eastwood but eventually changed it to Baker, after the company who supplied the books for the library (Baker & Taylor). They had their hearts set on a second cat and with a little bit of serendipity, another cat, Taylor, joined them. From there the cats, the library and Ms Louch began a 15-year journey that would be life-changing for many hearts.

I truly loved this book; it is very well written, transitioning between life before, during and after the cats. There is a lot of funny–laugh-out-loud antics of Baker and Taylor as they claim their kingdom. There is heartwarming—Mr. Figini’s story meant a lot to me. And, without a doubt, as with any true story of cats and, because all good things must end, there is sadness. I admit to shedding a few tears over the passing the beloved Library Cats. But please, don’t let that dissuade you from reading this book. True Tails is a combination of all the things I love in a book – a great story, deeply felt emotions, characters I fall in love with and above all, heart-lifting.

Rating: 5 daisies

Reviewer:  Debby 2 Debby

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Disclaimer: we received this book free to read and review. However, that did not influence our opinion of the book.

This review is posted on  Library of Cats book review blog as well!!  It is written under the non de plume “Jack.”

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