2 Cat Books by C. Roger Mader

Library of Cats

tip topTipTop Cat

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014

A beautiful black tuxedo cat comes to live in a Paris apartment. He loves the apartment – every square inch of it, especially the balcony. He enjoys climbing the rooftops of the neighboring houses and loves to sit on top of the world – at least as he sees it. One day as he is napping a pigeon lands on his balcony and he goes after it – and over the edge! He falls 6 stories but manages to escape with only his spirit injured. He gives up his balcony and stays inside the apartment hidden – that is until a crow lands on his balcony. He is more careful this time when he tries to catch the bird – and the crow leads him up on the rooftops and back on top of the world!

I loved the book – but before I…

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