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One Kick


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Hello Dear Reader,

Thrillers are one of my very guilty pleasures.

And I do have my favorite authors, for whom I willingly put aside daily chores to immerse myself in the worlds of their creation; to gleefully discover what’s happening in the life of my favorite dudes. But let’s face it- and be truthful here. There are plenty of male protagonists in thriller/suspense/espionage genres but where are the smart, tough, irreverent women solving crimes and saving the world?

For example, where are the women in the world of Harry Bosch or Elvis Cole?

Waiting to be helped or rescued. Granted Bosch, as written by Michael Connelly, has a strong police captain who is female, but usually in both his world and that of Cole, as written by Robert Crais, the women are loving these guys (I totally do too) and or waiting to be rescued.

Not so in One Kick by Chelsea Cain. While there are plenty of strong female characters in the mystery genre who are smart and fun, few possess the skills needed and depth of character to do whatever it takes to send the bad guy, if necessary, into the next world. Kick Lannigan in One Kick is just such a person. Only two others can compare: Lisbeth Salandar in Steig Larson’s Dragon Tattoo series, and Vanessa Michael Munroe in The Informationist by Taylor Stevens.   Their life experiences make them who they are.

And who they are is tough.  They don’t give up. No matter what.

From the moment the story begins Chelsea Cain draws you into Kick’s world. There’s a sense of being on the edge, a sinking feeling in your stomach. You aren’t sure you want to read this, but you just can’t stop. After a horrific childhood in captivity Kick Lannigan trains to become an expert marksman and knife fighter, as well as a master in martial arts combat.  Kick and her reclusive brother dedicate their lives to searching for those in need, when a tough sexy man, Bishop, hires her for a project of his own.

As Kick Lannigan forces her way through a web of darkness and lies, One Kick kept me gripped on a rollercoaster of excitement, fear, and admiration after which left me wanting another ride. And for that Dear Reader, I give this book four daisies.

daisy 4daisy 4daisy 4daisy 4

Reviewer: Leigh

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One Kick
Chelsea Cain
Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 1476749876




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