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Still Life

still life

Hello Dear Reader,

Louise Penny, author of Still Life is a gifted writer so in touch with the human condition that she has me in awe. This is Penny’s first novel in the Chief Inspector Gamache series. Still Life introduces a strangely wonderful collection of artists and shopkeepers living in a tiny hamlet in Canada, and the extraordinary Armand Gamache, the Chief Inspector of the Sûreté du Québec.  As the lead murder investigator, Gamache is called in to review the accidental death of Jane Neal, a resident of Three Pines. What at first seems a simple  hunting accident, is determined to be a possible murder.

Still Life is complicated by the bilingual nature of living in Quebec where English and French live side by side in a carefully constructed peace that often threatens to erupt. Gamache, from Montreal but educated in England is able to walk in both worlds comfortably with humor and finesse. Gamache, who is wise beyond his years, and his loyal second-in-command, Beauvoir lead the murder team on a chase to find the truth of Jane’s death, and together discover how deep hatred runs, even among friends.

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Reviewer: Leigh

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Still Life
Louise Penny
St. Martin’s Press



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