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In The Blood


“I am a person with secrets. And I guard them carefully. Keep them locked in a box inside myself. I rarely opened the lid of my psyche to look inside…shame was a thick cloak that I wrapped around myself and hid beneath. It was dark and lonely but at least it was safe.”

Dear Reader,

From the first page of In the Blood, I was captivated by the story of Lana Granger, whose father murdered her mother and enlisted the help of his young child to conceal the deed. Lana, now an adult at Sacred Heart College, learns her trust fund is drying up – at least until her 30th birthday. She accepts a position babysitting Luke, a young boy with whom Lana develops an immediate connection.

As Luke draws Lana into his disturbing world, the hidden events of Lana’s past threaten to immerge and when Lana’s best friend Beck disappears, all eyes turn in Lana’s direction. Her roommate Ainsley, Beck’s parents, and even the police suspect Lana knows more than she is saying. But if Lana comes clean, if she tells, her carefully constructed persona will collapse, pulling Lana down in its’ wake. Lana Granger has lied so much, and her past is so deeply hidden, even she can barely discern the truth.

Lisa Unger’s In the Blood is a thriller with a very dark side. The book is not gory nor is it filled with a horrific description of events, but it is psychologically gripping. Unger is very skilled at creating tension, fear, and concern for her characters. If you want a delicious guilty pleasure read, this is it.

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Reviewer:  Leigh

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