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The Stash Plan


The Stash Plan: Your 21-Day Guide to Shed Weight, Feel Great, and Take Charge of Your Health by Laura Prepon (of Orange is the New Black and That 70’s Show) and Elizabeth Troy is yet another book in my quest to discover healthy eating, and overall general health and wellness. The stated purpose of The Stash Plan is to decrease your appetite, prevent illness by rebuilding your immune system, rid yourself of inflammation, learn the right way to exercise, and improve your state of mind.

The first half of the book details Laura’s own quest for health and a discussion of how the foods eaten on The Stash Plan can improve the liver and lymphatic system. Thrown in throughout are comments on the benefits of exercise, the importance of bone broth in the diet, as well as the fundamentals of Chinese Meridians.  Additionally there is information on using non-GMO(genetically modified) foods, how to make switches to healthier foods, using glass containers to store your food, and how to use other kitchen tools to make creating your Stash an easier task.

The second half of the book is taken up with How to Build a Stash, Shopping Lists, Recipes, and Stretching Exercises. You have two days (Wednesday and Sunday) on which to prepare the food for the following four days. Once you have ‘stashed your food’ assembling your meals for the day should only take minutes.  Each stash includes two proteins, two vegetable sides, two grains, snacks and a broth.

The shopping lists are extensive, expensive, and a little intimidating but if you are committed and have a large pocketbook you should have fun shopping.  Prepon requires a lot of food for each stash, and honestly, more food that I would generally purchase on a shopping trip. But the recipes look good, and if you read reviews by Amazon customers who purchased the book, most seem to like the broth recipes, and all who made it LOVE the Gluten-Free Almond Bread.

After the stash lists and recipes the authors again discuss stretching and the exercises are demonstrated by Laura Prepon. These exercises are designed to improve your gallbladder and liver.  Some of them hurt when I tried them since I am not very flexible, however I am sure if I continued to use them daily my technique would improve and muscles relax.

Reviews on the Amazon site are mixed at best with many finding fault with the authors seemingly random organization, lack of details and inaccuracy with shopping lists. Some customers rave about how much weight they’ve lost, and how much better they feel.  I think book is worth a look: it’s filled with photos which are colorful, artistic and visually appealing, and the recipes look delicious. Enjoy it for what it is, take from it what you can, and go from there.

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Reviewed by Leigh

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