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The Raven Boys


Maggie Steifvater, author of  The Raven Boys , is an extremely talented young woman who is not only a writer, but an artist, videographer, musician and loves sports cars.  She began writing when she was a teenager and hasn’t quit.   On, this book was given some of bad reviews by adults who felt it was too reminiscent of other teen reads; they found it boring and ordinary.  I don’t know what book they were reading, but it wasn’t the one I read! While some billed it as just another teen romance with the girl torn between two boys,  The Raven Boys ia actually more of a mystery, and a ghost story of sorts. It’s the search for truth wherever it leads.

The Raven Boys is about four young men in private school searching ley lines in Northern Virginia in hopes of solving a mystery. Meanwhile Blue is growing up in a family of psychics. Blue has no power of her own,  but acts as a conduit or amplifier when her mother Maura performs psychic readings, allowing more  access to the paranormal.

The problem with Blue is the multiple predictions regarding her future: if Blue meets her true love and kisses him, he will die, thus Blue has avoided boys all her life, especially the boys from Aglionby Academy , the private school in her hometown of Henrietta, Virginia.

Enter The Raven Boys, so-called because the school mascot is the raven.

  • Ganzy is the ringleader, wealthy beyond words and driving a hot orange Camaro.
  • Adam is attending  Aglionby on a partial scholarship,  working three jobs to pay his way, and avoid his abusive father.
  • Noah is shy, unassuming and acts as the touchstone for the group.
  • And Ronan, who is continually fighting with his brother and grieving the death of this father, has so much anger it threatens constant eruption.

As the Raven boys begin their search for the ley lines that promise to allow them to locate the mysterious mythical Welsh King Glendower, the boys visit Maura for their psychic reading only to discover Blue there as well.  Maura performs a Tarot reading for them, but worries that one of these young men may be her daughter’s undoing and so does not share all she knows.  When a body is discovered in the woods and a murderer comes  into the open, all the boys have discovered may be lost.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater is intriguing, and suspenseful. I was fascinated by the search for  Glendower and the promise that whomever wakes the king from his centuries old sleep will be granted a favor. The Raven Boys is worth the read, and if you can listen to the audio version then you have a real treat in store.  Will Patton, a well-known actor who is also an amazing reader with an authentic Southern accent, has a real ear for other voices as well.   As a side note you can go online to see Maggie’s animation and music created for  The Raven Boys, which is something she does for all her books. Visit Maggie Steifvater at her website for her latest work.

4 daisy rating


Reviewed by Leigh

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