book review

Key Lime Pie

I needed something relaxing to read to get me through the four day weekend.

Sadie Hoffmiller, a 56 year old widow is, by her own admission, a busybody. When she follows a potential boyfriend from her home in Colorado to Florida it really is with the best of intentions. Yes, Sadie is kidnapped. Several times. And held at gunpoint. Several times. Sadie brazens her way into homes and hospitals, and along the way makes time to sample delicious foods for which she kindly provides recipes.

Key Lime Pie fit the bill of fare for a light repast, offsetting the fairly dense menu I ate on Thanksgiving day. While a little slow at the beginning, the pace did pick up and as I came to know Sadie a little better, I came to appreciate her quick thinking, ability to sidestep danger, and sassy way of asking for recipes. Particularly notable are the Southern recipes for BBQ Chicken, Cajun Coleslaw, and- you guessed it- Key Lime Pie.

Josie Kilpack


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