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Be the Change

One-Minute Thankful

Thankful Meditation

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Often attributed to Gandhi

Thankful Affirmation

I read recently that Gandhi did not actually say the words I have quoted for you here but the author did not indicate whom he thought had said them. In any event it seems likely, the spirit of the great man is in the words.

Regardless of their origin, I do love how these words remind me that we cannot effect change by sitting on our hands.

If we have any value to offer our world it is in our ability to observe and understand where change is needed.

Then if we are able, we do what we can. No matter how small, our efforts count.

Thankful Goal

May I stay in a spirit of openness to see where help is needed and, be willing to make an effort. I want to…

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