book review

Allowing Change

One-Minute Thankful

Thankful Meditation

“Sometimes we pray for God to change our circumstances when God wants to use our circumstances to change us.”

Thankful Affirmation

I’m not sure how I feel about that. Simply relaxing and allowing change is so hard for me. I am a doer. A controller. I take charge. I get things done. I know how to handle the situation.

But do I really? I have no omniscient sight that lets me see the future. I’m not pre-cognitive. But I do have God’s Spirit as a living breathing entity within me. We all do. God lives in us and gives us knowledge and growth so we can be more like him.

I know it sounds convoluted- let God be more God in us. But when I relax and choose not to worry and take control- when I relax and allow the Universe to create change in my heart, I…

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